Post By Email Wrapup

Post by Email Wrapup

by John

Since our Post by Email feature opened last year the emails have been coming in fast and furious. Here’s a wrap-up of some of the latest improvements.

Bigger attachments
We like to see photos and video in your posts, so we’ve increased the size of emails that can be sent, now up to 50MB. Anything you can upload to can be sent in an email and will be neatly placed on your post.

Better image handling
In conjunction with this we’ve also improved our image handling so your photos look even better, particularly when teamed up with duotone, a great new photo theme.

Perfect for mobile photo blogging
If you have a camera-enabled mobile phone this makes for a very powerful photo blogging tool. If you need some inspiration check out Matt on his one-man-and-his-phone photo and video journey around the world. We’ll even geotag any posts, if sent from a GPS enabled phone.

Now with polls
Opinions are an important part of any blog and you can now create PollDaddy polls by email. Just include a special shortcode:

Is Post by Email great?
* Absolutely
* Maybe
* I like eggs

We’ll do the rest so you end up with a poll like this:

Is Post by Email great?
I like eggs


View This

trends Tell Twitter and Yahoo
If you’re using our Publicize service to send updates to Twitter or Yahoo you can customize the message in your email, and enable or disable specific targets.

[publicize twitter]check out my latest post[/publicize]

Location enabled
Are you a keen trekker and have a Spot GPS device? Send your emails to and we’ll show them on a map so people can follow your journey.

Details, details, details
Don’t forget that you can also set the post title, tags, and category of any email:

[title Animals I like]
[tags lion,penguin,mole]
[category elephant]

You can find the full list of shortcodes on the Post by Email support page.

On a final open-source note, we’ll be releasing the code for Post by Email soon, so all you users can install it on your own self-hosted sites.

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3 Responses to Post By Email Wrapup

  1. Ruang Hati says:

    Penghujung bulan sudah datang, ada yg suka karena baru gajian, ada yang seding karena target tidak terpenuhi, apapun yang terjadi ucapkan selamat berakhir pekan dan berakhir bulan, selamat ngeblog, yang barusan gajian bisa dihemat sampai akhir bulan berikutnya,

    salam hangat san sukses selalu

    semoga hidup Anda penuh dengan Cinta, Kesehatan, kebahagiaan dan Kedamaian selalu


  2. JR says:

    nice post…..


  3. andipeace says:


    salam peace dan adem ayem


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